Thursday, 7 May 2015


A famous quote says “I won’t be Impressed with Technology, until I can download food.”

In this fast moving world, technology and internet had become the most essential part of our day to day life. And what’s better than our food carving is being satisfied through the ease of Internet., an online food portal has come up with the unique concept of offering various Gujarati snacks, sweets, spice masala and mouth fresheners to all the Gujaratis residing across the globe.

This portal has been a boon to all the Indian people who are residing in foreign land and has not been able to enjoy their favourite snacks and sweets since years. The main reason and advantage of shopping with is that it provides snacks and sweets from many different famous vendors of Gujarat and other parts of the India unlike other food portals who provide food products from a single vendor only.  

With, you can also gift your loved ones and relatives their favourite snacks and sweets. All you have to do is just order their favorite snacks and sweets from with just a single click and food will be delivered right at their door-step.  While ordering from online food portal, people often worry about the quality and the freshness of the products. But with you can order without any such worry and second thought, as we take the utmost care of the packaging of the products, so that the quality, freshness and crunchiness of the food is retained until its last bite is consumed by the customer.

Hurry!! So, when are you ordering from

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