Friday, 27 June 2014


Are you keen on finger licking kachoris? How about crunchy sev and nankeens? Does your mouth starts watering with the very name of sweets and farsans? If you are a food lover and fond of the ethnic flavors of India, then our online food store, Gujarat Food is certainly going to be your favorite e-commerce solution, for food shopping.

Now you must be astonished, seeing our confidence. How can we emphasize on the point that you would never get back to any other store, once shopped from us? Well, we have added a lot of hard work, for earning the unique market repute, which helped us building such great confidence. Each of the e-commerce experts, working with our food portal, is totally aware of the concerns of the customers, while ordering food from websites. Considering the buyer’s concerns, we try to be extra conscious about delivering nothing but the best of its kind.
We have gone through proper market research, before enlisting any of the Indian smacks and sweet item stores, from the market. We have specifically checked the reputation of the particular store in its local market along with their service consistency. Besides that, our proficient online food delivery services, rendered by our experienced delivery team, have impressed our old as well as new customers. Timely delivery of the orders plays an important role in case of food. We being the signature online brand for fresh and tasty snacks and sweets, make sure to comply with this punctuality factor.

Food is one of the most important passions of people. We try to trigger that passion, with busting tastes of Indian spices and flavors. At the same time, we look after the hygiene factors and packing details of each of our shipments, to offer you the best online food buying experience. Countless food lovers has fulfilled their urge for Indian sweets and snacks, from our store, this is your turn to experience the best.

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