Wednesday, 30 April 2014

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When began in India, it received an unforgettable and unimaginable overwhelming response from the common men. An online food portal of this sort was conceptualized to provide customers with a smooth delivery of Farsans and Mithais.

Since its birth in October 2013, has been a trustworthy food portal serving authentic namkeens like patra, chevdo, papad etc. and sweets like ghari, penda, halwa and many more such delicacies from the cities of Gujarat to various parts of India and now, to parts of USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Kenya and Singapore also.
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The most amusing aspect of this online food portal is the pace at which it is growing and developing, in expanding its wings across borders. Within a short span of two months, the reach has increased and the farsan lovers have found their stop-shop to quench the nostalgia for native food.

Our own people in the USA and UK feel the need to eat food which tastes the same as the one available in their native place. For years they have been staying in a foreign country missing their people and delicious cuisines. It is the need of the hour to serve them right with delightful and hygienic snacks to feast their taste buds.
Order Indian Sweets Online

The four legs [individuals] of this chair, called, have a sentimental value attached which is deeply felt and taken forward along with this business venture. Whatever come may, this online food portal will stick to its principle of providing farsans and mithais without asking for a single penny from its customers.

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